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Every object occupies space. Everything we use, such as television, automobiles, cabinets, etc., has a place in the space of space. The place that every object covers like the goods we have is expressed by "volume".The unit of measure in the volume SI unit system is specified as m3. The symbol of the space is indicated by V. Volume is a common property found in every object. It is also possible that we do measure the volumes that objects possess. Every matter is different in terms of space, ie volume, in space. In other words, two separate substances can not occupy the same space.


In our everyday lives, there is a certain volume that we use every day. For calculate how much liter milk and water we need or what is the price of natural gas in cubic meters we use volume calculator. Volume calculations are calculated by volume calculator formulas of geometric shapes such as sphere and cylinder.


The volume of the rectangles prism is calculated by multiplying the floor area by the height.

Volume Formula of Rectangular Prism = a x b x h

The volume of the cube is calculated by multiplying the height of the floor area with the height of the rectangular prism.

Volume of Cube  = a x a x a = a3 

The volume of the globe is calculated by the following formula.

The volume of the sphere = π x r3 x 4/3

The volume of the cylinder is calculated by multiplying the base area by the height.

Cylindrical Volume = π x r2 x h

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