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Slope is one of the subject of math. Many object have slopes that we use during the day. For example; if we use the fishing line we have a slope to throw it when fishing in the sea. Adjustable screens of laptop computers can also be described as a slope. The slopes of any non-oblique objects are shown as zero but almost all objects have slopes. If we are defined mathematically, the slope is expressed as the ratio of the horizontal change to the vertical change between any two points on a straight line. The slope of a line on the coordinate plane is indicated by the letter "m". In this way you can use slope calculator  in mathematical operations that also contain the geometry in the defined slope. At the same time, the slope is frequently used in map calculations.


Slope formula is used to calculate slope. Thanks to the this slope formula you can easily use slope calculator.


In some cases it may be necessary to find the value as a percentage. In this case, the percentage of slope must be calculated. In cases where the percentage value of the slope value should be found, the slope rate is multiplied by one hundred. On the other hand, if the slope value is to be found, the value is multiplied by a thousand, and if it is found to be a degree, the desired value is calculated by multiplying by sixty.

Well, but what is the slope intercept form ? Slope intercept form  is a special form of two variable linear equations. Namely : “  y=mx+b ” 


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