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Probability Calculator

What is the most curiosity of mankind throughout history? This question can be answered differently, but it is often wondered what will happen in the future. As a reflection of this, our anticipation has many fiction, such as the journey to the future, the predictions about the future vehicles, and what the new discoveries will do in the future. The path from the past is uneven, but it has many ways to come. 

The foundations of modern probability theory were laid in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the rapidly increasing world of the population, the necessity to determine the needs of the next year and to be in economic predictions has led to the development of mathematics and probability. Today, mathematics and probability are among the indispensable ones. Without you feeling, many of the events around you are based on probability calculators. The probability calculator that is currently used in almost every discipline is the basis of many field research.

Probability calculator deals mainly with the examination of the realities. It's not a luck, it's a science-based guess. Probability is based on possible events, that is, gives estimates of the future, not the past.  To determine the probability that an event will occur, you need to know all the components of the sample space that the event takes. For example, if you want to know the probability of a team winning a soccer game (think the teams are equally strong), you have to know the rules of football or how many things the game will result. Futbol has three conclusions; either win or win the B or end the draw that we call the sample space a set of all cases. Naturally, the probability of one of these events to happen is 1/3.

Binomial probability calculator is applied to experiments that give a result of n two categories (ie, success / failure, yes / no, 1/0, etc.).

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