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Permutation Calculator

In mathematics, permutation is a sequence number. This sequence number is obtained by repeating each symbol one or more times. To calculate the permutation combination that can be obtained by selecting elements as many as r in a set of numbers with element number n ; Formula of permutation calculator : P (n, r) = n! / (N-r)! .


Permutation combination probability is used in fields such as quantum physics. The use of these calculations in areas such as biology, medicine, public health, meteorology, agriculture can be the subject. According to this information, it is possible to see that such calculations are made in most areas during the day. With permutation and probability estimation calculations, a different number of calculation results occur for any event or action. According to these permutation calculators, it is possible to predict events or movements in advance. These formulas, which are used to evaluate mathematical results, can be very complicated at first. However, it will be more memorable when applied with numbers a few times.


EXAMPLE : How many words can be written meaninglessly meaningless with 6 letters in the word of the word " FLOWER " ? 

RESULT : P (6, 6) = 6!  Words can be written up. 

If n elements (a) are the same, the number of permutations :  

1. There are n options for the first element.

2. There are n (n-1) options for the second element.

3.  There are n (n-1) (n-2) ... (n-r + 1) options to select up to 3.r, which is equivalent with formula. Permutation calculator  will calculate everything for you to give you a better experience.

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