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Grade calculator ; is the mathematical operation to teachers to show the level of knowledge of the student  in the school. 

The system of notes that constituted the foundations of today's educational system was not established until 1972, and no proposal for establishment had been made. Students who have graduated before this date are graded according to the names of their teachers  when they apply to enter any job and their abilities are determined according to this criterion.  So that nobody couldn't do grade calculator mathematical operation.  But ; William Farish, a chemist who taught at the University of Cambridge, gave an idea in 1792 ; "Give grades to students !  Then Mount Holyoke College used thi grade system with letter like A, B, C, D, and E.  Since then, grade system has become widespread and used worldwide. 

If you are interested with this subject you will see some concepts like final grade calculator . Examinations made at the end of the semester after the visa or visa at the universities are given the final name. In general, the visas have a higher weight than the proportions. Each visa and final score is multiplied by the ratio representing the weight in the middle and the result is multiplied. By dividing this sum by 100, the average of the course is obtained. According to the grading system used by the university, this score is converted into a letter grade and transcribed into the transcript of the student.

Second concept is weighted grade calculator. From the first semester, the weighting coefficients of success grades of all the courses taken by a student are multiplied separately by the credit hours belonging to these classes, the resulting products are added and divided by the total credit hours of all courses. The result is rounded to two digits after the conviction.  You can do grade calculator weighted system so easily.

Last concept is semester grade calculator.  When the grade average is calculated, the student is responsible for the course and the weight coefficient of the course is multiplied with the result of the multiplication. Subsequently, the total weighted grade average in the semester is calculated by dividing the sum obtained by the number of course credits. The same process for the following periods is calculated by adding the weighted average of the weighted average of the previous turn.

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