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In mathematic, when we divide a whole, the expressions we use in order to define the parts of the divide are called fractions. These numbers have a fractional line; the upper part is called the share, the lower part is the denominator.  The denominator indicates that how many parts the whole part is divided into. Share shows that how many of these pieces are taken. Fractions are examined in 3 sections;


-Simple fractions : Minor fractions  . E.g; 3/5 is a simple fraction.

-Compound fractions : If the fraction is bigger than its denominator, then the fraction is called compound fraction. E.g; 13/7, 9/4

-Complete fractions : A composite fraction is a fraction of an integer obtained by dividing it by its share. The compound fraction is divided by the share to turn the whole number fraction. 


 One of the subjects of mathematics which is difficult for the teachers and the students is certainly fractions. Students routinely learn to process fractions every year, however then they forget how they are done.  But by doing more practice you can prevent forgetting, you can easily solve all of the. questions.


In the first step, if there are exponential number, start with that number. Then, in step 2 continue with parenthesis.  Now , you should proceed according to the transaction priority.  First , multiply or divide then addition and subtraction. With the calculator, you can check and correct the accuracy of the mathematical operations . As you see it’s very easy. 


Another subject is simplify fraction. When fractionation is carried out in the simplification process, divide the share and denominator by the same number. This process is called fractional simplification.

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