Dot Product Calculator



Dot Product Calculator

In mathematics, dot multiplication, numerical product or dot product is called a process that returns two vectors and a dotvalue as a result. Dot product calculator calculates two vectors' values. In static, sometimes there must be a parallel or perpendicular component of the angle between two straight lines, or a direction of a force. Two-dimensional problems can be solved by trigonometry, but in 3-dimensional solutions should be applied to vector methods.

Dot product multiplication, a special for the multiplication of two vectors method. The dot product of vectors A and B is written as A.B he cosine of the angle between the two vectors and you can read as A is dotproduct B. It is defined as the product of the cosine of the angle between the two vectors with the magnitudes of A and B. This may look like complex but it is not. Dot product calculator is an easy calculator tool. Only thing you should do is enter the datas.  This product is a scalar product or dot product.


Rules for this process

Variability (commutative)

 Multiplication by scalar

 Dispersion rule

By using this rules you can make more easy this topic.


Formula Of Dot Product Calculator

a = [ a1, a2, … , an ]

b = [ b1, b2, … , bn ]

Thanks to the this formula you can find all the dot product results. But we think you don't need for this formula while there is our dot product calculator tool. Math is more easy than ever!

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