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Shopping is important for everyone now. Shopping malls are the most frequent places we frequently go and we always buy something such as clothes, electronic devices or foods. Do not you want to buy a cheaper price instead of an expensive one? It’s easy. If you follow that discounts thanks to the discount calculator you can calculate it easily.

Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and Black Friday are some of the discount days. In these days everything falls at half price and people make lots of shopping. But some discounts can be misleading. For example, you can get a discounted product at a much higher price with various missteps. To avoid this trick you have to use discount calculator.


How you can calculate discount ? The discount rate is the normal fare rate (ie the difference between the normal price and the discounted price) resulting from the sale of a discount at a price below the normal price of a product. A reduction rate of 100 is deducted and the result is divided by 100. The discounted price is obtained when the result is multiplied by the normal price. For example, if a 10% discount is required for a normal price of 500 $, the discount amount will be calculated as 500 x 10/100 = 50 $. If you want to calculate the direct discount price, the new price will be calculated as 500 x (100 - 10) / 100 = 450 $. Or other way is ; The discounted price is multiplied by 100 and the result is divided by the result obtained by subtracting the discount rate from 100. For example, a sale price of a commodity with a 10% discount price of 450 $ will be calculated as 450 x 100 / (100 - 10) = 45000/90 = 500 $.

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