Date Calculator

Date Calculator

The difference between the two dates shows how much time is left in front of the number of days when the date on which the current is expected to occur, or how much time has passed since a certain date. For example, you are curious about how many days you have been left to your retirement, your birthday, or your friend’s birthday, how long you have been dating, how long you have been married with your partner. For answer these questions you need to use time and date calculator.

What Is Date ?

The day is a time period of 24 hours in total, which equates our world with a complete turn on its axis. Thanks to the date calculator you can calculate time between two dates.  The day consists of two parts, night and day. A week consists of 7 days in total. The days of the week are Monday to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are 365 days a year. On a lunar basis, it is 12 months a year. When we want to calculate weekly, it is equivalent to 52 weeks a year. There are 365 full days in a year. There are 28, 29, 30 or 31 days in one month.

The months lasting 30 days: April, June, September, November.

31 days: January, March, May, July, August, October, December.

Note: February is 28 days. February is 29 days in 4 years. It shows the day before yesterday and tomorrow the next day.


The Word Of Date’s Origin

All the provision in Western languages come from the Greek word istoria, istorien. (Latin: Historia, Italian: Storia, French: Histoire, English: History, German: Historie). Ionian dialect is used in the meaning of informing, acquiring information.


Calender Types

People used the Sun and the Moon to measure the time. Those who use the sun, based on a full rotation of the Earth around the Sun, have created the solar calendar. The Egyptians used the first solar calendar in history. They used the lunar calendar as the basis of the Moon turning around the Earth 12 times. The Sumerians used the First Month calendar. Each society used its own calendar as a starting date. For example; Romans accepted the establishment of Rome, the Muslims accepted the Hijred, Christians have accepted Jesus' birth.


History Of Calender

To measure the elapsed time, the movement utilizes two regular and passive stars: one of them is the Moon, the other is the Sun. The moon has a repetition of 29.5 days and a movement of 12 events. The sun reaches a height according to the seasons and completes its movement in 365 days and 6 hours. These animals were made with solar and solar calendars.

How Works Date To Date Calculator ?

A practical way of date duration calculator without using computer :

Write two dates in the top, write the smaller one in the bottom.

For example ;






Start processing from the left. In our example, we will first remove 5 to 11. So it's 5, 35 (we add 30 days of a month). 35 - 11 = 24.

Then we go to the month section. We took a month from the month which was 10 and we added it to the day. Here we find 9 - 9 = 0 months. Finally, we take years out of each other. 2019 - 1993 = 27. The difference between dates is 29 years, 0 months and 24 days. If the upper month is bigger than the bottom, we will add 1 year or 12 months on the right. For example, if the upper month is 7, the lower 9. We add to the 12 months of the year 7. So the upper month is 12 + 7 = 19. Then we take 9 out of 19 and find 10 as the month difference. Therefore, the upper year will be reduced. Thanks to this way you can find date to date calculator without using computer.


Date Calculator In

In this calculation tool, the exact number of days between the start and end dates you selected is calculated. In this calculation, the days in the years are included in the calculation. Thanks to this calculator tool you can easily calculate your 2 important days. Also you can calculate your chronological age from here: age calculator

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