Cross Product Calculator



Cross Product Calculator

In mathematics cross product calculator seems so compicated. But it is not anymore. Cross product is a two dimensional (vector) operation in three dimensional space. As a result of this multiplication, another direction is obtained and this direction is perpendicular to the two directions used in the cross multiplication. At the same time, the plane formed by the two directions used in the directional cross-multiplication is an upright direction. This product comes from the "x" symbol used in the cross name projection, and each vector is sequentially multiplied by the other, and the obtained direction is one of these multiplier directions, that is, a modular multiplication form that is being crossed. Since the other product It comes. This process has many applications in mathematics, physics and engineering. Cross product calculator provides you find 2 vector.

The cross product of the two directions a and b is denoted by a × b. In physics, the cross product is sometimes shown as a ∧ b, but this notation is not used in mathematics to avoid confusion with other uses.

A × b cross product can be defined by the c direction and it is necessary that this c direction is perpendicular to the a and b directions. In addition, the direction of the c direction must be determined by the right hand rule. The size of the direction c is equal to the area of the parallelogram obtained using the directions a and b.

The direction of the unit direction is found with the right hand rule; we show the direction of the unit direction of our thumb when we extend our index finger in the direction of the first direction a in the cross product, the middle finger in the direction of the second direction b in the cross product. The orientation of the fingers and the direction of the fingers are shown in the illustration on the right. In the cross-product, if the positions of the two directions used in the multiplication are replaced, the result is that the result obtained in the first process is the minus sign, which is defined as the counter-change property and is mathematically represented as b × a = - (a × b).  Thanks to this way you can easily do cross product calculator.  Cross product calculator process isn’t nightmare anymore. 

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