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Combination Calculator

Making choices is a common occurrence both in mathematics and everyday life. It is also desirable to know how many alternatives you have in addition to the best selection that can be made within the group. In this way, the calculation of how many different alternatives you have from the group to choose from is named as the combination in mathematics. Combination is selections made within an object group, without regard to order. As an example, it is possible to calculate how many different classifications of a class president and a vice president can be selected by a combination. In the selection made by combination, the order of group elements is not considered. Combination calculator provides you find math problem’s result quickly  and most accurately. How can you calculate ? Combination questions are calculated with the help of combination features through the process of selecting from within a group.

You can also use our combination calculator.

For example;


When we create a cluster which is contain C D E letters ,has 2 elements and those elements are subdivided into different sub-sets;

We obtain this 3 sub-sets : CD DE CE

Each of these sub-clusters is called a combination. That is, the combination number (3, 2) = C (3, 2) = 3


The number of subgroups of an element of n is equal to the number of subclusters of element (n r). In the same plane, the cut points of n lines are at most C (n, 2).

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