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Calorie Calculator

Calorie in chemistry; it is defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water to 15.5 C to 16.5 C and is shown as "cal". In nutrition science, energy is used as a unit of kilocalories since the expression of energy is made with heat energy unit. Gaining or giving weight is very important for the balance of our body. Calorie calculators can be very important to balance these.

How Calorie Calculator Works ?

Daily calorie needs vary from person to person. The most important factors in this are the amount of nutrients equivalent to the energy consumed in daily activities, in addition to the basal metabolic rate, which is calculated according to the person's weight, height and age. You can easily calculate your weight by entering your height and weight and you can either gain weight or protect your weight.

How much Your Daily Calorie Need?

Every day, the calories you need to fulfill your body's regular functions depend on your age, sex, and physiological activity. Since the daily calorie need is calculated according to many individual parameters, it is not right to use an average value and feed on it. But thanks  to the calorie calculator you can learn your daily calorie need.

Basal metabolic rate in women

655 + 9.6 X (weight in kg) + 1.8 X (height in inches) - 4.7 X (age)

Basal metabolic rate in men:

66 + 13.7 X (weight in kg) + 5 X (height in inches) - 6.8 X (age)

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