Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator

What is body fat calculator ?

Fat ratio is based on the weight, age, waist circumference, gender, and how much fat you have in your body. Other than that, things like body water, muscle mass, bone.

The weighing may show you which weight you are, but the figures you see don’t tell you about your actual fat ratio. There are many ways to measure the fat rate in your body but if you use body fat calculator you don’t need other methods. So simple! 

1.Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index is a mathematical operation that helps to find healthy weight by comparing the neck and the weight. The figure shows you a normal, overweight and obese category. Does it work? Not always. Body fat percentage calculator helps you easily.

2.Waist circumference measurement

The ideal waist measure for women is 82 centimeters, and for men it is 88.5 centimeters. Does it work? Yes. Many healthcare organizations around the world confirm that these measurements are accurate. Excess fat in the abdomen brings heart attack and diabetes risk. So it is important that your waist circumference is close to the ideal measurements. How it is made? Take a tape and wrap your waist around a little bit above your pelvic bone. It should fit right around your waist but you do not have to be too tight. This way you can see your body fat.

It is possible to estimate the fat ratio in your body by using data such as height, waist width and normal weight. But these will not be definitive results. For a hundred percent correct analysis you should have an fat, muscle and water analysis in a health facility. The formula found here is the average as we said. Body fat percentage calculator provides you current analysis.

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