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BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

BMI Calculator

Everybody has a weight that should be according to their size and body structure. Maybe you are obese or not. The way of learning this is the BMI calculator

What Is The Body Mass Index(BMI) ?

Body Mass Index - The BMI can be used to calculate the BMI value and the corresponding weight status when aging. BMI is measured depending on the weight or height of the person and is used to measure tissue mass. BMI is an estimate that cannot account for body composition, but can be used as a general indication of a healthy body weight relative to a person's height. In other words, it is certain that someone with a very muscular body will be heavier. Even if it is 100 kilograms, someone in the 180 neck may be considered normal or may be overweight. But BMI is only calculated on height and weight. The value obtained from the BMI calculation is commonly used to categorize a person based on the range at which the overweight, normal weight, or obese value. These ranges of BMI vary depending on factors such as region and age, and are sometimes subdivided into severely weak or very severe obesity. However, as mentioned earlier, BMI should not be used as the only method to determine whether a person has a "healthy" body due to the wide range of body types, as well as muscle, bone mass, and fat distribution. Rather it should be considered with other measurements


BMI For Sportive People

Most athletes have more muscle mass than the general population. Likewise, most athletes will have less fat than the general population. In particular, sportive people will have high muscle mass. Sportive people with a body mass index of 26-27 will be in the overweight band according to the above body mass index graph. But because fat ratios are low and muscle masses are very high, sportive people will not be unhealthy even though they are more severe on the scale. Therefore, if you are an individual who is engaged in intense sports, calculate the body mass index as well as your fat ratio. In this way, you can find your fat mass and lean muscle mass. Evaluating your situation with this information would be more beneficial than just walking under the guidance of body mass index.


How To Calculate BMI ? What Is The Formula Of BMI ?

BMI calculation is quite simple. First, the weight of the person in kilograms and the height in meters should be known. To calculate the BMI value after these two data are obtained, dividing the body height by the weight is sufficient to achieve the result.

0 - 18.4 : WEAK

It shows that you are not in proper weight according to your neck, you are weak. Weakness is a risk for some diseases and is undesirable. You need to be fed enough and balanced to get the right weight  and to develop your eating habits. 

18,5 - 24,9 : NORMAL

Indicates that you are in proper weight according to your height. Take care to preserve this weight by feeding adequately and balancedly and by doing regular physical activity. 

25.0 - 45.0 AND ABOVE : OBESITY 

According to your height, your body weight is too high, in other words, you are fat. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc. is a risk factor for chronic diseases. It is very important in terms of your health that you are attaining normal weight byweakening under the supervision of a physician / dietitian by applying to a health institution. Please contact your healthcare provider. Apart from that, BMI calculator does not give any information about the fat ratio of the person.

Normal Dimensions Of BMI

The body fat ratio of an adult man is expected to be 12-18 percent and women are expected to be 20-28 percent. Body fat ratio is 25 percent in males; in women, 30 percent is associated with obesity. If your body mass index value is overweight, obese, or morbidly obese, you may lose weight by fulfilling the recommendations of experts to lose weight.

Ponderal Index

Ponderal Index (PI) is similar to BMI because it measures weakness or obesity based on the height and weight of a human. The main difference between PI and BMI is the use of the cube instead of the square of the height in the formula (provided below). BMI is widely used by the masses. However, it is not reliable to detect weakness or obesity in individuals. Although the PI suffers from similar thoughts, PI is a more reliable method for use with very long or short people. BMI tends to record high or low body fat levels for those at the ends of the height and weight spectrum.

Overweight Individuals

If your body mass index is more than 25, this means that you have weight. But at this point, we suggest you calculate your fat ratio. Especially if you have a sportive muscle mass and fat mass you will be less likely to be overweight. But if your weight is more than your muscle mass, it doesn't mean you're unhealthy. Body mass index alone would not be sufficient for good physical analysis at this point. You can go to your fat ratio calculator. You can find your total fat and muscle mass by using your fat ratio. In general, the proportion of fat in healthy men will be between 15-20%. Due to the possibility of women's pregnancy, fat rates are generally higher than males. Therefore, a healthy woman's fat content will be between 20-25%. Apart from that, even if your fat ratio is high, your health is not at great risk in an overweight class. It will be easy to correct. Click here for calculate your body fat: body fat calculator


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