How To Calculate Factorial? Factorial Formula

How To Calculate Factorial? Factorial Formula

What Mean Factorial ?

Factorial, in math , the name has exclamation point to the right, the more general is a special case of the Gamma Function is limited to the exact number. The factorial function shows the product obtained as a result of multiplying the given positive integer to 1 by all integers before it. Factorial calculator provides you convenience in transactions and short cuts in transactions.  For example :

1! : 1 . 1 = 1

2! : 2 . 1 = 2

3! : 3 . 2 . 1 = 6

4! : 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 = 24

Although zero isn't a  positive number, the factorial is equal to 1. Namely, 0! = 1.

Factorial In Daily Life

Factorial concept is used in ordering questions with the concept of permutation. We can use this in our daily life. For example, sorting 3 shirts is a factorial question and 3 shirts can be sorted in 3! = 6 different ways. This can work in different colors in everyday life (sorting). For example, someone with 3 different color shirts and 2 different colors pants will have 3! .2! ie 6.2 = 12 can be worn in different ways. So he has 12 different options.

The fact that there are many factors that require sequencing, such as the sequencing of game cards or the selection of the players, emerges from the factorial concept. In addition, computer programming, engineering, architecture, such as is a concept frequently used in occupational groups. In addition, factorial calculator makes your life more easy.

 Factorial Calculator In

If you want to calculate factorial you can use this factorial calculator. It's so simple and quick. Firstly you should enter a number which you want to calculate. Then calculator system will show you result.