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Average (arithmetic mean) is so important thing in our life. It gives us most basic statistics simply. We are using average so much in daily life. It is basically number obtained by setting the value of the elements in a number array. It is a important statistics type because it is easy to calculate manually or automatically.


How to calculate average (arithmetic mean)?

For example: You have a number array like 50, 78, 90. Think this numbers like your school grades.

Firstly you need find size of this array. How many numbers in this array? In our example array the count is 3. Now just calculate the sum of this numbers . Our array's sum is 210 (50 + 70 + 90). Then just divide the sum with size of the array.

Average: sum of all numbers / size of array. In our example, it is 210 / 3. Because our number’s sum = 210 and array size = 3. You can see average of our numbers is 70 (210 / 3).


This average calculator app is simply doing that. Just calculating sum of your numbers and divide that sum with count of numbers in array. Calculating the average in this app is same way with manual calculating.


Why I need use this average calculator app instead of manual calculating?

If you have too much numbers in your array, it can be hard to calculate. You may have dozens numbers instead of 3 numbers. Then you should use this tool. Because in this tool tolerance is 0. No matter how many numbers you have, always gives exact result. That’s why we can need average calculation tool.


How can I use this tool?

Just enter your numbers with commas like 10,32,45,29. It will find automatically size of array and sum of numbers, then will give you the results.


More example about calculating the average

30 + 30 + 30 + 30 = 120. Now divide 120 with count of numbers. 120 / 4 = 30.

If your numbers is all same you don’t need calculate the average. It will give same number with your number in array.

For example you have 30, 30, 30 in your array. It will give always 30. You have 47, 47, 47, 47, 47. The average of this array is 47. No matter how many numbers you have, if your array have same numbers, just take that number on average.


45 + 95 + 2 + 123 + 18 + 43 + 34 = 360

360 / 7 = 51.42


That’s all. It is so simply to calculate arithmetic mean!

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