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Age Calculator

The “age” means to how many time past since you was born. We usually define our ages with years. If you want to just calculate the how old are you, it is very simple. Just extract your birth year from the current year. For example: If you were born in 1998, just do that simple math. 2019 – 1998 = 21. Then you are 21 years old!


This age calculator tool is not for that simple thing. If you want to learn “how long have you been living” like 21 year 3 months 18 days, it can be hard to calculate manually. For that reason we have age calculator app. Maybe you just said “how old am I” and you came here to learn how old are you. But this app gives more information.


How To Use Age Calculator

For example: you was born in 06/23/1998. Just put your birthdate to the “Date of birth” field. The second field of age calculator, which is “Age at the Date of” comes with current date by default. If you want to extract your birthday from a specific date you can change it. Then just press the calculate button.


You will see (for today):

“20 years 8 months and 27 days

or 248 months 27 days

or 1,082 weeks 3 days

or 7,577 days

or 181,848 hours

or 10,910,880 minutes

or 654,652,800 seconds”


This is pearson of your age. Simply you can see how old are you in the first row. Other rows are your chronological age. You can see here how long have you been living by years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.


This simple app how does it calculate?

It is all about converting date to the seconds. For example 03/22/2019 is 654652800 seconds. Then divide the seconds with 60 for get the minutes, again divide minutes with 60 for get the hours. Divide hours with 24 for get the days. Then it comes to the weeks. For get the weeks, you should divide hours with 7.


It’s simple in theory. You can calculate your chronological age on the paper. But it can be hard convert date to the seconds. Because of that reason you should use this age calculator app. It gives always the exact results.

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